TF2 Calculator is a website designed for all TF2 traders regardless of budget. With this simple web app you can easily convert the various currencies within TF2 trading.

Hans, designer and creator of the site

Not fully implemented, if you have suggestions for features to put here, please let me know in the steam group or by adding me!

  • Prices:

  • Keys:
  • Earbuds:
  • Refined:
  • 19.055 ref
  • 3.1 keys
  • $0.115 USD
  • 18.889 ref
  • 3.1 keys

Preferred currency:


TF2 Calculator is an old project project of mine. It was in many ways a playground for me to learn basic coding. Though it is not the largest work I have ever done, I'm glad to say it's as close to how I imagined it as possible. The site uses API from and to choose the prices. If an item has a range as its price, the average is used. You are free to configure the prices yourself though, under the Settings panel. I'm always open to suggestions, those can go in the Steam group.

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Launched in late April of 2012 by Accell and Fiskie, is a website dedicated to the trading of virtual items for various Steam video games. The goal of is to provide a quality trading website that encourages fair deals and a friendly community. ( And while you're there, you should check out my trades )

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ScrapBank.Me aims to be a different site from others while providing fast and easy trading services for the average user. They use use’s spreadsheet for all items to bring you the fairest prices, and each of their bots can do any type of banking so you can complete your trades faster than ever.

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TF2 Raffles

TF2R is a site which takes the idea of raffling to a new level. TF2R provides you with the ability to create a raffle which is easy to setup and spread around. You can select items from your backpack that you want to give away, and it will even do the hard job of picking the winners for you!

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..the site is adjusted to work perfectly on your smartphone? Try it!